The Positivity Spark you need! Materialistic approach towards a better life.

They say Happiness does not come from material things, that we could obtain all the Riches in the world and still find that we are incomplete.

But if we are unhappy and searching for new beginnings, material things may in fact be the spark you need to start anew.

       Positivity has profound influence on the way you live, and the way life lives around you. It is the beginning, founded by the one step at a time principle that ensues it's success.

The environment that surrounds you, influences you every single day and                you are not aware of it.

If you sleep in a room filled with empty, non-stimulating furnishings, you are already starting your days with a bland mindset. 

But imagine your room filled with things you love. Treasures you collect and value, defining your world.

Reminders, positive tone-setters, each and every day you wake up.

Consider this:
Why do we decorate our office space?

          We have a natural inclination to make ourselves happier in whatever ways we can. The funny thing is we know the ways of higher living intuitively, and often employ such ways subconsciously without realizing it. 

"Look to nature for answers. 
Nature, is natural; and our existence, is natural."

          In the case of office space personalization and decor, it is the miserable employee's attempt to maintain happiness under stressful conditions.

     Ultimately, it is our natural response to surround ourselves with stimulus that inspires us, instills us with dreams, and to change our state of mind. At it's core we understand (whether we realize it or not) that our outlooks on life are the sole determinants of our destinies; Be it happy or miserable.

| Are you ready to have your mind blown? |

School teaches us "Opposites attract, likes repel."

BUT wait a minute! What of positive people VS negative people???

Recall a moment in your life when you were incredibly negative, be it full of hatred, envy, or anger. Think back hard. A few things may have happened to you that day. 

  • Maybe you tried to blindly use rage to overpower a situation but inevitably ended up a failure. Maybe you just made it worse, and you'd have been better off if you simply handled it differently.
  • Perhaps you were envious. The more envy you felt, it just seemed like fate was rewarding more and more successes to others simply to spite you. 
Familiar? Yep.

     It's as if negative people need negative things to happen to them in order to teach them higher living; or in familiar words, life lessons. On the flipside, people who think positively seem to be rewarded with even more positive things. As if they were getting pats on the back, or A's for doing well in school.

     It appears now, that likes attract likes. Perhaps this is a component of what we call karma? Or maybe what we call enlightenment? If so, it seems that our thinking may have a bit of defiance over the formidable laws of Physics!


Step by step, object by object, you can surround yourself with material things to influence positive thinking. Furthermore, by the laws of "The universe gives you what you need" aka "Likes attract likes" attraction, you may begin to attract even greater things.

So maybe we can't buy happiness,
but we can certainly buy a materialistic approach to kickstart positivity 
and help us along the path.

Create your world, surround yourself with things you treasure.


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